Ready, set, go!

The countdown is on and we’re down to 4 days before departure.  We have learned that the need in Sri Lanka is even greater than what we had thought.  Mudslides in the country have done substantial damage.  I am excited that I will be building with friends from previous builds and have some team members I have yet to meet.  I know this team will work hard, accomplish a lot, and do it all with laughter and smiles!

If you’re curious about the title of this blog, it refers to my faith and the fact that I believe that as Christians we are called to be Christ’s hands and feet.  I participate in these builds because it provides me the opportunity to be just that to others.  Some have asked why I choose to go out of the country to do these builds when there is so much need here in the US.  The answer is simple – I do both.  Additionally, I have found no scripture passage that calls us to work only in our backyard.  We are called to love one another – no “ifs”, “only” or “buts” – just love one another. So there is a little background on my motivation.

So now I am off to continue the “pre-packing” giving me 3 more nights to finalize the contents of the suitcase.

More to follow!


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